Ride Nice Front Wheel Spacers for the Impeller Rim PATENTED

$ 119.95

The Impeller wheel is a factory design, which comes stock on all Harley-Davidson Road Kings and Ultras since 2014. The smooth shape of the hub on the Impeller wheel is perfectly finished with the matching lines of our flush-mount wheel spacer.

Until now there has been very little you could do about the unsightly black sensor on the axle of 2014 and later ABS equipped Harley-Davidson Road King & Ultra motorcycles.

The Patent Pending Ride Nice designed front wheel spacers for the Impeller rim fixes that!

Our front wheel spacers are precision made for 2014 and later Harley Davidson Touring model motorcycles that are equipped with an Impeller front wheel.

Made in the USA.

  • Show Chrome Plated 
  • Black Anodized
  • Stock Matching Machined Finish



    Road King, Road Glide, Ultra and Impeller are registered trademarks of Harley-Davidson and in no circumstances do Ride Nice claim any rights to these Trademarks. Our use of their marks is purely informational

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