Super Small Front Axle Covers for 2008-2017 Harleys

$ 79.95




When we set out to make a clean looking front axle cover, we thought like much work could this be? Well the truth is a lot, if you want to do it right..

The goal was to make covers as small as possible. A more complex task than you think because you need to keep enough material for the threads of two set screws to attach securely, yet not allow the heads of each screw to show.

We hope you enjoy the time and effort we put into making them.

Made in the USA.

Lifetime Warranty.

Available finishes:

  • Show Quality Chrome
  • Satin Black Powder Coat (uv protected)
  • Gloss Black Powder Coat (uv protected)
  • Machined Finish 


Includes stainless hardware to mount (left & right).
Use thread locker such as Loctite during assembly.




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